Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our History start on December 1993, when a talended young man called Andry Iwan Putra first came to Cirebon from Jakarta leaving his job, love and everything he had. Coming to a strange place very different from big cities, he soon forgot where he came from and find himself felt in love with his new surroundment. Cirebon is an exotic place covered with forests and traditional village. Everywhere he looked, he saw there were always people making furniture from rattan / bamboo. Their making were stuff which was very antique but beautiful. Not very long then, he realized that it is his destiny to show and deliver these beautiful legacy of rattancraft to the rest of the world.
For the first time, Andry start to work at one of the biggest rattancraft producers in Cirebon as marketing officer for several years until he reached managerial position. Having bigger passion and love for his work, and also full support from his family and his team consists of the best rattancraft producer in Cirebon, he decided to open his own company in 2003. It was a dream come true for him. He named this company Cantiq Rattan.

Cantik, means beautiful. It is inlined with this company philosophy, which is trying hard to make something becoming more and more beautiful everyday. Rattan is a specied of Bamboo for making furniture and handicraft, that only found in Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Nowadays, Cantiq Rattan are established and located in permanent area with ± 8000 m² coverage. We display in our showroom, full collection of our product both original rattan and plastic, from indoor to outdoor, combined with many kind of accessories. We have list of business clients and partners from around the world, as listed but not limited to countries like United Kingdom, Unites States of America, Greece, Spain, Italy and many others. They buy and distribute our products completely and continuously to many region and continent, using their own label. We also visit and participate in world famous furniture exhibitions such as Moebel Mese Cologne, Furniture Fair Singapore, Xenia Fair in Greece ,Inggris.

Our missions are to establish solid, win-win and profitable business relation with our customers; to distributes our collection all around the globe; and to empowers both our and customers's brand to become best brand acknowledged in rattancraft market.

The European Class of Rattan Furniture
We have global strategic vision to become leader in furniture manufacturing and rattan product provider. We start small but scale fast by combining professionalism, strong commitment and long term experience in producing high quality products with art. After more than a decade, we have been recognized by word class furniture companies around the world, as their trustable producer and business partner simply because we prioritize quality and up to dated design.

Cantik Rattan has now becoming one key player in the rattan industry especially in Cirebon, Indonesia. It started first at year 2003 when we had the ability to gain new customers and export our products to European countries such as England, Spain, Russia, Italy, Greek, Germany, and many more in late 90's, when the industry were in serious crisis.. We have now being considered as a new player who can establish and growth our business during the hard times, when others were collapsed.

Nowadays, we expand our market not only focus in Europe but also other countries throughout the world. Even though, we still continuing to improve our service level to customer by maintaining to serve good quality, up to dated design and on time delivery. We believe and have full commitment to keep our good service and to improve it all the time.

As company whose industry is always using natural resource and related in forestry, we are very concern about environment issues such as global warming and forest destruction. Therefore, as part of the community we try hard to be more active and responsive to such issues. We have strong commitment to response these issues proactively, and we are put our attention on these matters seriously. We state that our entire product has been managed to fulfill safe environment law and policy.

As one the proof, our fabric was designed to have natural environmental surrounding. Considered that 10,000 meter square fabric area is only being used around 40% for production sites, and the remaining 60% is being left as green area for respiration and pollutant handling purposes.

In doing business, we not only focus to gain profit but also want to give back to community where we exist. Our motto is 3P, which is People, Planet, and Profit. We implement this motto in operating our business. One of the actions is by having corporate policy and hiring many local workers, in order to improve the local economic growth. We believe that our existing should contribute big to social welfare and community development, which already gives us a lot to help us sustaining our business, even until now. Therefore, we are aware to give them back what they deserve.